Parenting Classes

What is it?

Turning Points is an educational Parenting program designed for moms and dads to equip you with solid parenting skills from first trimester through toddler years. With "earn while you learn," this also provides an opportunity for you to receive necessary items for your baby -- for free.

**For parents whose sessions were interrupted by COVID:

You may come to Alpha now by appointment or as a walk-in to continue your classes. We'll be following social distancing protocol during your visit. 

Note: if you walk in, please understand that if our counseling rooms are full, there could be a wait-time or you may be asked to come back at another time.

**For pregnant moms and new parents:

We are introducing a new online format with the parenting curriculum, summer of 2020. If interested, please let us know; your name and phone number will be added to a list, and we'll contact you as soon as the program is available.

How does it work?

For each hour of class attendance, first time moms and dads will earn points that can be used to purchase baby items.  

What topics will classes cover?

A variety of classes are available: Breastfeeding… Childbirth (Lamaze)… Parenting… Prenatal Care… Car Seat Safety… Childhood Illness... and more!

Is there a cost for classes?

There is no Cost.  All services are Free.

For more details contact Alpha at 209-383-4700